Meat the Sizzle


Embrace your inner chef and take the bull by the horns as you sizzle succulent thinly sliced steak on volcanic stone to your own, personal desire.

Enjoy the eruption of a professional kitchen, in a vibrant restaurant where the waiters skills range from server to chef.

Let us heat up your stone, as you sprinkle that salt, sizzle that meat and enjoy a meal that’s fun to make and delicious to eat.

Not up for the sizzle?

We have a selection of mains that will be sure to satisfy both the carnivore and vegetarian-Smoked Cheese Mac

Bloody good sides

Creamed leeks peas and bacon

Fancy something saucy?


Pipe Dream Doughnuts

Chocolate Fondue To Share

Pretty in Pink*

Pretty Milkshakes* -*contains egg white

Every Tuesday

1/2kg Scottish Rump, Garlic Flatbread, 2 sharers, 2 sides, Chocolate Fondue, 1ltr of Beer
Steak on Stones, centrally situated in Edinburgh’s trendy East End is a perfect location for a party. We have an array of offers including our popular Steak and Shake Tuesday for you to choose from.