Meat the Sizzle


Embrace your inner chef and take the bull by the horns as you sizzle succulent thinly sliced steak on volcanic stone to your own, personal desire.

Enjoy the eruption of a professional kitchen, in a vibrant restaurant where the waiters skills range from server to chef.

Let us heat up your stone, as you sprinkle that salt, sizzle that meat and enjoy a meal that’s fun to make and delicious to eat.


Not up for the sizzle?

We have a selection of mains that will be sure to satisfy both the carnivore and vegetarian-Smoked Cheese Mac

Bloody good sides

Creamed leeks peas and bacon

Fancy something saucy?


Pipe Dream Doughnuts

Pipe Dream Doughnuts

Pretty in Pink*

Pretty in Pink*Belverdere pink grapefruit vodka, raspberries, elderflower cordial, prink grapefruit juice and orange bitters -*contains egg white

Every Tuesday

Steak & Shake £17.50 -  200g Rump Steak, 1 sizzling side, 1 homemade sauce and a tasty milkshake


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Steak on Stones Student Survival Guide

It’s that time of the year again; when thousands of freshers descend on Edinburgh to ensure the city doesn’t endure a subdued post-festival hangover! They spark Scotland’s capital back to life but their methodology will definitely result in some of them experiencing painful, painful hangovers; C’est La Vie. #DownItFreshaa It’s an exciting time for the […]


A Sweet Four Letter Combo

Us Brits, we just love it when we feel we’re getting a good deal – we’re not sure whether this derives from the works of Del Boy and Rodders but it’s true; we do love ‘beating the system,’ so to speak. Bargain Hunt gets like 4 million viewers at one o’clock in the afternoon – that’s […]

Leap of Faith

Meat Roulette…Are you Brave Enough to Take on the House?

Are you brave enough to take on the house at Meat Roulette…And leave a winner! Everyone knows the classic negativities of a casino…No windows to admire the clouds sailing by; no ticking clock, meaning time can simply fly, blank faced croupiers seeming anything but kind and the sudden realisation that it’s your turn to play […]


Steak & Shake, The Culinary Hybrid

I’ve always thought it an interesting concept, steak accompanied by a milkshake. It almost sounds like one of those contemporary ideas that have recently been fashioned to push the boundaries of food and drink and re-invent the proverbial culinary wheel. Yet, in actual fact, it’s an almost century old combination that resonates from a gas […]


Edinburgh’s Creative Scene Uncovered

In my personal opinion, I don’t know if enough is made of Edinburgh’s innovative and creative scene. Everything seems to be focused on looking backwards to the city’s decorated past and iconic heritage. Of course, we should not ignore the fantastic history – far from it – it should be endorsed and celebrated. Yet, I […]

Kangaroo Steak

#SkippyOnStones Month

This month at Steak on Stones it’s all about trying new meats from our friends in the land of Aus. That’s right, you’ve guessed it, Kangaroo is on our sizzling menu! For the whole of February, Steak on Stones is giving you the opportunity to try kangaroo and its on us! All you have to do […]

Steak on Stones TripAdvisor

Our Sizzling Reviews

Steak on Stones is fast approaching it’s first birthday and since opening has captured the hearts of meat lovers who enjoy the theatrical experience of being able to cook their meat at the table. We’ve trolled through the endless positive reviews we’ve received from our SOS fans but here are a few for you to […]

This is No Misteak

This is No Misteak

It’s No Misteak that everyone needs a pick me up in January and the team here at Steak on Stones have come up with a deal that will help you to beat those holiday blues. For only £22 you will get 3 amazing courses: to start a hearty soup, for the main 200g of our […]

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Steak Squad At the Royal Highland Show

The biggest and best celebration of farming, food and rural life, The Royal Highland Show, landed in Edinburgh last week. Ingliston was filled with people shopping, horses jumping, cows grazing, aromatic foods cooking and a Top Gear simulator – they probably just felt lucky to be there given the recent events. Anyway, it was a […]


Welcome to Steak Edinburgh

Steak, a meat lover’s paradise and the complete soiree venue in the heart of the vibrant Scottish capital. Steak features two restaurants, a late night entertainment venue, garden terrace and event space. Spend the night with us, you won’t regret it.   An unadulterated setting that pays homage to the finest Scottish meat. Our mission […]


Steak on Stones, centrally situated in Edinburgh’s trendy East End is a perfect location for a party. We have an array of offers including our popular Steak and Shake Tuesday for you to choose from.