4 Reasons Why Steak on Stones is the perfect Fathers Day Gift

With just under a week to go, Fathers Day is looming. Let’s be serious, your dad doesn’t really care much for the day, and neither do you. However, the gift you get your father is a good way to show you still care for the old man…and a nice present will be fresh in his mind when you ask for him to pay for your holiday the week after.

It’s not his birthday so a couple of CDs won’t do. You can’t get him socks with days of the week on them because he still has a full week’s worth (made up of a combination of the sets you’ve got him in the previous 3 years)

Perhaps its time you thought outside the box: by this we mean, what would I be able to get dad that I could also benefit from: Steak on Stones.

And here’s why:

1. All dads love Steak and they love to think they are in charge when they go for dinner. So, let them be. Allow your dad to take the bull by the horns and cook your delicious meat – he will feel accomplished and you’ll have a very relaxed meal. There isn’t a great deal of responsibility when it comes to the flipping of the steaks, but he will feel empowered nonetheless.
2. At S.O.S our staff are very well informed about where the hot lava stones originate. They also know all of the ingredients used to create our brilliant sides and sauces and they will be more than happy to educate you. Naturally, anything he learns will then be repeated to you as though you weren’t present during the waiter’s explanation…and he will feel proud he has taught you something. Our interior décor also contains a bare-faced wall so he can daydream about what he and a bottle of poly filler could do with it in a half hour.
3. Allow him to re-live his youth! We have a brilliant selection of cocktails to choose from –Let your dad shine and order the cocktails, which will inadvertently make him feel like he’s 21 and cool again. Of course we all know he thought all that existed was a Mojito and a Daquiri and will try to cover this up by leaning on the bar with one elbow and assessing the menu very carefully – don’t call him out. You’ll be pleased to hear we don’t have a dance floor.
4. A meal is a great way to bond as a family. It offers you the chance to properly catch-up with the pressures of cooking taken away (refer to no. 1) and offers you the chance to create a memorable occasion. Think about it, a lovely meal that encourages family interaction (perhaps a game of who am I to pass the time) or a pair of socks that say Wednesday and ‘The Corrs Greatest Hits.’ He will certainly appreciate the thought.

Steak on Stones is a brilliant idea for a Father’s day meal – all jokes aside we offer a sociable and interactive unique dining experience in a relaxed and friendly environment. Take a leaf out of our book, be unique this year – treat your dad.