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Steak on Stones Student Survival Guide

It’s that time of the year again; when thousands of freshers descend on Edinburgh to ensure the city doesn’t endure a subdued post-festival hangover! They spark Scotland’s capital back to life but their methodology will definitely result in some of them experiencing painful, painful hangovers; C’est La Vie. #DownItFreshaa

It’s an exciting time for the young guns, who will be exploding with excitement but also battling the nerves of starting a new life and making new friends.

So, we thought we would help out by expressing our deepest sympathies (in-advance) to those students that are suffering in bed from the night before and are seeking that perfect hangover cure.

Steak & Shake

Every Tuesday

200g Rump Steak

1 Side

1 Sauce

1 Milkshake


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Out take on the American inspired, culinary hybrid, Steak & Shake!

Sometimes on the hang, you just want good food that you can have a little fun with; Steak & Shake does that perfectly! Indulge in our American inspired offering; a sizzlin’ and age-old combo that acts as the perfect Tuesday Treat! Our Milkshakes are epic; they’re sure to sort you out.

BYOB Wednesdays

Not only do we offer amazing steak that you can sizzle to your own personal perfection; but on Wednesdays, we let you bring your own booze! Now, you may be thinking what kind of hangover cure is that…Well all we’ll say is haven’t you heard of ‘Hare of the dog?’ If that’s a no, then get learning! Plus, free Corkage!

Meat Roulette

£50 for 2

200g Rump Steak

150g Kangaroo Meat,

150g Mystery Meat

2 sides

2 sauces

2 Glasses of House Wine

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Many people stay beer doesn't go with Steak...we say, you clearly don't know you beers...
Everybody Loves B.Y.O.B.! 

We know what you students are like; when your loan comes in you feel as rich as kings…and it can be quite tempting to take a trip to the nearby casino post-lash in order to win back your night’s spending’s. Why not take on the house in a different style of roulette…meat roulette.

With our amazing range of exotic meats put the power in our hands as we choose what meat you’ll be sizzling; it could be anything from crocodile to Ostrich, Wild Boar or Zebra. The Steaks are high, but it’s a tasty prize!

Are you brave enough to take on the house..?
Are you brave enough to take on the house..?

We are also introducing Student Mondays, which will commence on Monday 12th September. 10% off all food when you check-in on Facebook and show your student card!

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Good luck avoiding the fresher’s flu and we hope you come and meat the sizzle soon!


A Sweet Four Letter Combo

Us Brits, we just love it when we feel we’re getting a good deal – we’re not sure whether this derives from the works of Del Boy and Rodders but it’s true; we do love ‘beating the system,’ so to speak. Bargain Hunt gets like 4 million viewers at one o’clock in the afternoon – that’s got to count for something!

One extremely popular way to do so {and it’s legal may we add} is hitting up a restaurant that offers BYOB…which of course, invites you to ‘bring your own booze.’ It’s a fantastic way of keeping costs to a minimum and you get the drink you really fancy that evening.

Introducing BYOB Wednesdays at Steak on Stones…with no corkage fee!

So, the balls in your court…the power in your hands – what will you bring to accompany our succulent meat, delectable sides and mouth-watering sauces?

We thought we’d give you a couple of suggestions, in case you weren’t sure what would provide you with the ultimate taste explosion.  Let our sommelier session begin…


It's one of the great sights of the world; Red Wine pouring gently into a glass...
It’s one of the great sights of the world; Red Wine pouring gently into a glass…

La Monda Reserva Malbec

This Chilean red contains flavours of freshly crushed black fruit, as well as creamy vanilla yoghurt and pepper sauce…trust us on this one, it’s beautiful. It was awarded the supermarket wine of the year as is available from Asda for under £5! Of course, Malbec is known to pair brilliantly with Steak so this one’s going to be a winner!

Cassablanca Valley Pinot Noir

Another Chilean number that again pairs excellently with Steak! It’s extremely light and contains a subtle raspberry scent, adding a fruity sweetness, which acts the perfect palate cleanser to offer a bit of respite from the more salty meaty flavours. Again, it’s available at an amazing price; £7.99 from the Co-op – you’ll enjoy this one when meating the sizzle!


Many people say beer doesn’t go with Steak…we say, they clearly don’t know you beers!

Brooklyn Lager

This is a lovely American amber lager with malty sweetness and more caramel flavouring than European beers. Cuts through the Steak to refresh the palate…plus it just tastes so good! We’d advise not to bring to many so that the bubbles don’t lessen your appetite.

Sierra Navada Pale Ale

With cascade hops, a snappy bitterness and fruity citrus notes, this beer also cuts right through steak so that your palate gets a break from the meaty flavours. The Americans get it right when it comes to beers that pair well with Steak.


We don’t have a clue…but it’s always a nice touch if you’re out celebrating something!

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