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Steak on Stones Student Survival Guide

It’s that time of the year again; when thousands of freshers descend on Edinburgh to ensure the city doesn’t endure a subdued post-festival hangover! They spark Scotland’s capital back to life but their methodology will definitely result in some of them experiencing painful, painful hangovers; C’est La Vie. #DownItFreshaa

It’s an exciting time for the young guns, who will be exploding with excitement but also battling the nerves of starting a new life and making new friends.

So, we thought we would help out by expressing our deepest sympathies (in-advance) to those students that are suffering in bed from the night before and are seeking that perfect hangover cure.

Steak & Shake

Every Tuesday

200g Rump Steak

1 Side

1 Sauce

1 Milkshake


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Out take on the American inspired, culinary hybrid, Steak & Shake!

Sometimes on the hang, you just want good food that you can have a little fun with; Steak & Shake does that perfectly! Indulge in our American inspired offering; a sizzlin’ and age-old combo that acts as the perfect Tuesday Treat! Our Milkshakes are epic; they’re sure to sort you out.

BYOB Wednesdays

Not only do we offer amazing steak that you can sizzle to your own personal perfection; but on Wednesdays, we let you bring your own booze! Now, you may be thinking what kind of hangover cure is that…Well all we’ll say is haven’t you heard of ‘Hare of the dog?’ If that’s a no, then get learning! Plus, free Corkage!

Meat Roulette

£50 for 2

200g Rump Steak

150g Kangaroo Meat,

150g Mystery Meat

2 sides

2 sauces

2 Glasses of House Wine

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Many people stay beer doesn't go with Steak...we say, you clearly don't know you beers...
Everybody Loves B.Y.O.B.! 

We know what you students are like; when your loan comes in you feel as rich as kings…and it can be quite tempting to take a trip to the nearby casino post-lash in order to win back your night’s spending’s. Why not take on the house in a different style of roulette…meat roulette.

With our amazing range of exotic meats put the power in our hands as we choose what meat you’ll be sizzling; it could be anything from crocodile to Ostrich, Wild Boar or Zebra. The Steaks are high, but it’s a tasty prize!

Are you brave enough to take on the house..?
Are you brave enough to take on the house..?

We are also introducing Student Mondays, which will commence on Monday 12th September. 10% off all food when you check-in on Facebook and show your student card!

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Good luck avoiding the fresher’s flu and we hope you come and meat the sizzle soon!


A Sweet Four Letter Combo

Us Brits, we just love it when we feel we’re getting a good deal – we’re not sure whether this derives from the works of Del Boy and Rodders but it’s true; we do love ‘beating the system,’ so to speak. Bargain Hunt gets like 4 million viewers at one o’clock in the afternoon – that’s got to count for something!

One extremely popular way to do so {and it’s legal may we add} is hitting up a restaurant that offers BYOB…which of course, invites you to ‘bring your own booze.’ It’s a fantastic way of keeping costs to a minimum and you get the drink you really fancy that evening.

Introducing BYOB Wednesdays at Steak on Stones…with no corkage fee!

So, the balls in your court…the power in your hands – what will you bring to accompany our succulent meat, delectable sides and mouth-watering sauces?

We thought we’d give you a couple of suggestions, in case you weren’t sure what would provide you with the ultimate taste explosion.  Let our sommelier session begin…


It's one of the great sights of the world; Red Wine pouring gently into a glass...
It’s one of the great sights of the world; Red Wine pouring gently into a glass…

La Monda Reserva Malbec

This Chilean red contains flavours of freshly crushed black fruit, as well as creamy vanilla yoghurt and pepper sauce…trust us on this one, it’s beautiful. It was awarded the supermarket wine of the year as is available from Asda for under £5! Of course, Malbec is known to pair brilliantly with Steak so this one’s going to be a winner!

Cassablanca Valley Pinot Noir

Another Chilean number that again pairs excellently with Steak! It’s extremely light and contains a subtle raspberry scent, adding a fruity sweetness, which acts the perfect palate cleanser to offer a bit of respite from the more salty meaty flavours. Again, it’s available at an amazing price; £7.99 from the Co-op – you’ll enjoy this one when meating the sizzle!


Many people say beer doesn’t go with Steak…we say, they clearly don’t know you beers!

Brooklyn Lager

This is a lovely American amber lager with malty sweetness and more caramel flavouring than European beers. Cuts through the Steak to refresh the palate…plus it just tastes so good! We’d advise not to bring to many so that the bubbles don’t lessen your appetite.

Sierra Navada Pale Ale

With cascade hops, a snappy bitterness and fruity citrus notes, this beer also cuts right through steak so that your palate gets a break from the meaty flavours. The Americans get it right when it comes to beers that pair well with Steak.


We don’t have a clue…but it’s always a nice touch if you’re out celebrating something!

Book in now for the ultimate, interactive dining experience!

Leap of Faith

Meat Roulette…Are you Brave Enough to Take on the House?

Are you brave enough to take on the house at Meat Roulette…And leave a winner!

Everyone knows the classic negativities of a casino…No windows to admire the clouds sailing by; no ticking clock, meaning time can simply fly, blank faced croupiers seeming anything but kind and the sudden realisation that it’s your turn to play the role of big blind! (Poetry at its finest, I think you’ll agree…)

Plus it’s the place where money is lost and the house always wins…it all sound a bit drear doesn’t.

Luckily, the dining experience we offer is nothing like that!

A bright and vibrant venue, with an extremely friendly and positive atmosphere that encourages fun and laughter…it’s exactly how interactive dining should be!

Yet, we’ve introduced a twist – it’s not compulsory to get involved with our little wager…are you brave enough?

One aspect of the casino that we like to incorporate into our dining experience is the element of risk. We’ve introduced a concept that serves up the possibility of you receiving a completely random and unknown meat at your table, for you to sizzle to your own, personal perfection. It all adds to the excitement!

Introducing Meat Roulette…


With our amazing range of exotic meats, we want to encourage you guys to take a leap into the meaty unknown and galvanise your taste buds with something a little different…

We’re talking:

  • Crocodile
  • Wild Bore
  • Ostrich
  • Kangaroo
  • Python
  • Bison
  • Water Buffalo
  • Zebra
  • Unicorn

We’ll be honest, the element of risk is in the meat that you receive…they all sizzle fantastic well and provide a wonderful exotic feature to your dining experience…

Place Your Bets…and Book Now!

Kangaroo Steak

#SkippyOnStones Month

This month at Steak on Stones it’s all about trying new meats from our friends in the land of Aus. That’s right, you’ve guessed it, Kangaroo is on our sizzling menu!

For the whole of February, Steak on Stones is giving you the opportunity to try kangaroo and its on us! All you have to do is quote ‘Skippy on Stones’ when you book your meal and you will get to have a taste of the best bush tucker there is, and we can assure you this exotic meat cannot be missed!

Kangaroo is full of surprises. Low in saturated fats, full of iron, free range and organic. Kangaroo Steak is the champion of being lean, even when stacked up against lean beef, trim lamb and lean chicken, kangaroo comes up trumps. Perfect if you are still sticking to that New Years health kick.

And, not only is it super lean, it’s also a natural source of omega-3, meaning that it’s not just fish that can give you an important omega boost! Who knew? All these important oils Kangaroo is packed full of means that the Heart Foundations tick of approval has been given to Kangaroo products, including the one and only Kangaroo steak!

But, of course, the first question about eating Kangaroo that everyone asks is, “What does it taste like?” Our Head Chef Daniel says “It would be a cross between venison and buffalo meat. Not quite as dry as deer but still leaner than buffalo. Kangaroo has a wonderful gamey taste because Roos live in the wild and feed on grass and shrubs which adds a lot of flavour without being overpowering, so it had to be some of the most perfect protein!”

Kangaroo meat is growing in popularity and rightly so! It’s both sustainable and environmentally friendly whilst still managing to taste absolutely delicious. So make sure you don’t miss out on #SkippyOnStones, for one month only at Steak on Stones.

Click here to make a reservation and don’t forget to quote #SkippyOnStones

T&C’s Apply


Steak on Stones TripAdvisor

Our Sizzling Reviews

Steak on Stones is fast approaching it’s first birthday and since opening has captured the hearts of meat lovers who enjoy the theatrical experience of being able to cook their meat at the table.

We’ve trolled through the endless positive reviews we’ve received from our SOS fans but here are a few for you to feast your eyes on – if you don’t believe them, then we urge you to come and try it out for yourself. We assure you, you won’t leave disappointed!

Fantastic from start to finish … From the moment you arrive in the lovely surrounding with a warm welcome, taking coats etc. it was a very good impression… All the staff were friendly, slick & professional, we had a pleasant drink by the fire in their adjoining bar first before being shown to our table.

Then comes the food – broccoli & blue cheese soup superb & the steak gorgeous! I’ve been to hot stone restaurants before when the ‘hot stone’ ends up not so hot too quickly – not here!

The portions of sides were very generous (possibly too much!) and the mini doughnuts for pudding were actually to die for!

All in all, wonderful evening & the full marks for the customer experience on my first, but certainly not my last visit.”

On point at Steak on Stones…It is definitely a place to visit when in Edinburgh. The food is lovely and the fact that I get to cook my own meat makes it even better. The choices were plenty, the food was delicious from meat, sides to desserts. The staff were friendly and very welcoming.

Fantastic place to eat Steak!… A one of a kind dining experience where you cook your steak to how you like it. Portion is no problem as if you don’t have enough… you can order more! Great options for accompaniments also. Try the wasabi sauce – YUM!

Yummy and fun… We really enjoyed cooking our own food, food was all very tasty. A nice selection of craft beers too.

We look forward to welcoming our SOS fans back soon!

This is No Misteak

This is No Misteak

It’s No Misteak that everyone needs a pick me up in January and the team here at Steak on Stones have come up with a deal that will help you to beat those holiday blues.

For only £22 you will get 3 amazing courses: to start a hearty soup, for the main 200g of our finest Donald Russell Rump Steak along with fries and a sauce, followed by handmade doughnuts and of course, this will all accompanied by a glass of house wine!

Sounds good huh!?

This offer not only allows you to get a taster of our amazing menu, it also means you can experience our unique Restaurant – you can find your inner Chef and sizzle your Steaks on our super hot Lava Stones.

Book Now!

Offer valid for the month of January 2016, Monday – Thursday from 5pm until 9.45pm and Friday – Saturday from 5pm until 7pm. Book online or over the phone and quote ‘MISTEAK’ at the time of booking. Glass of House Wine can be substituted for any soft drink at the bar. There is no limit to the number of people to dine with this offer.


Sizzling Steak on Stones Festive Offer

Steak on Stones has a sizzling festive offer for you!

ONLY £55 for starters, sizzling Steak with sauce, sides for two plus delicious and freshly made hot doughnuts, a cocktail each AND a bottle of wine at Steak on Stones.

Embrace your inner chef and take the bull by the horns as you sizzle succulent thinly sliced Aged Scottish Rump Steak on volcanic stone at a super-charged 350°C to your own, personal desire. You’ll enjoy a choice of mouth-watering sauces with your meat such as Chimmichurri, Fresh Horseradish and Béarnaise Sauce.

Not only that, you’ll tuck into a delicious side dish each, such as Creamed Leeks with Peas and Bacon, Spicy Potato Wedges and Brussel Sprouts with Cream & Raisins.

As well as a refreshing cocktail each, you’ll sample the restaurant’s homemade doughnuts for dessert. With fillings of custard, fudge or jam, you’ll be spoiled for choice. On top of all of this, you’ll be able to enjoy a bottle of our house white or red wine – all for just £55 at Steak on Stones on Picardy Place.

What to expect
Meal for two at Steak on Stones:
1x Toasted Rye bread with clarified butter each
1x 200g rump Hot Lava Stone Steak each
1x Side each
1x Sauce each
1x Doughtnut Dessert each
1x Cocktail each
1x Bottle of House Wine
All for just £55
To book your table, just send us an email to, call us on 0131 556 1289 quoting ‘Hot Stone Offer’ or through our online reservations.
The festive offer is available from Tuesday 10th November – Saturday 12th December between 5pm – 9.45pm; subject to availability. Restaurant is closed Sunday and Monday. Terms and Conditions Apply
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Steak Squad At the Royal Highland Show

The biggest and best celebration of farming, food and rural life, The Royal Highland Show, landed in Edinburgh last week. Ingliston was filled with people shopping, horses jumping, cows grazing, aromatic foods cooking and a Top Gear simulator – they probably just felt lucky to be there given the recent events.

Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend and we have compiled a list of our five favourite elements of the Highland Show 2015.

  1. Cows:

It was fantastic to see how many cows had RSPV’d and made the trip to Edinburgh for this fantastic event. Of course, as the Steak Squad, we had to force ourselves to admire them in a non-professional sense. By this we mean patting them without visualising them on a plate. Truly wonderful animals.

  1. Sheep shearing:

One of the world’s lesser-known but truly magnificent spectator sports. The shearers were the real deal: tackling some rather cheeky rams (the shearees) with ease and shearing their big woolly coats in one! At least they’re optimistic of us eventually getting a British summertime!

  1. Tractors:

Never mind an Audi or Ferrari, it’s all about boys and their tractors! Jump in one of these things and you automatically feel empowered and ready to farm! A real lady-killer.

  1. Show Jumping:

There was some amazing entertainment at the Highland Show (Top Gear simulator was great, if a little bit out of place) but the show jumping was brilliant! Each horse and rider, so in-tune with one another, which was great to see! No wonder everyone got so into it at London 2012!

  1. Meeting You Guys:

We had a fabulous time chatting with the crowds and it was great to see that so many of you were excited about our ‘No Misteak,’ offer! The Steak Squad will be out in force at upcoming Edinburgh events so keep an eye out!


4 Reasons Why Steak on Stones is the perfect Fathers Day Gift

With just under a week to go, Fathers Day is looming. Let’s be serious, your dad doesn’t really care much for the day, and neither do you. However, the gift you get your father is a good way to show you still care for the old man…and a nice present will be fresh in his mind when you ask for him to pay for your holiday the week after.

It’s not his birthday so a couple of CDs won’t do. You can’t get him socks with days of the week on them because he still has a full week’s worth (made up of a combination of the sets you’ve got him in the previous 3 years)

Perhaps its time you thought outside the box: by this we mean, what would I be able to get dad that I could also benefit from: Steak on Stones.

And here’s why:

1. All dads love Steak and they love to think they are in charge when they go for dinner. So, let them be. Allow your dad to take the bull by the horns and cook your delicious meat – he will feel accomplished and you’ll have a very relaxed meal. There isn’t a great deal of responsibility when it comes to the flipping of the steaks, but he will feel empowered nonetheless.
2. At S.O.S our staff are very well informed about where the hot lava stones originate. They also know all of the ingredients used to create our brilliant sides and sauces and they will be more than happy to educate you. Naturally, anything he learns will then be repeated to you as though you weren’t present during the waiter’s explanation…and he will feel proud he has taught you something. Our interior décor also contains a bare-faced wall so he can daydream about what he and a bottle of poly filler could do with it in a half hour.
3. Allow him to re-live his youth! We have a brilliant selection of cocktails to choose from –Let your dad shine and order the cocktails, which will inadvertently make him feel like he’s 21 and cool again. Of course we all know he thought all that existed was a Mojito and a Daquiri and will try to cover this up by leaning on the bar with one elbow and assessing the menu very carefully – don’t call him out. You’ll be pleased to hear we don’t have a dance floor.
4. A meal is a great way to bond as a family. It offers you the chance to properly catch-up with the pressures of cooking taken away (refer to no. 1) and offers you the chance to create a memorable occasion. Think about it, a lovely meal that encourages family interaction (perhaps a game of who am I to pass the time) or a pair of socks that say Wednesday and ‘The Corrs Greatest Hits.’ He will certainly appreciate the thought.

Steak on Stones is a brilliant idea for a Father’s day meal – all jokes aside we offer a sociable and interactive unique dining experience in a relaxed and friendly environment. Take a leaf out of our book, be unique this year – treat your dad.


Welcome to Steak Edinburgh

steak new logos 2-03-2

Steak, a meat lover’s paradise and the complete soiree venue in the heart of the vibrant Scottish capital. Steak features two restaurants, a late night entertainment venue, garden terrace and event space. Spend the night with us, you won’t regret it.



An unadulterated setting that pays homage to the finest Scottish meat. Our mission is to serve you the most tender and flavoursome steak in town accompanied by a wide array of sauces and sides. Steak Restaurant is the ultimate dining experience.

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Offering you a sizzling new dining experience! We serve pre-heated lava stones and allow you, the customer, to put your culinary skills to the test and cook finely sliced meat to your own personal perfection. It’s a great social and interactive way to dine!

steak burger png logo-01

The hidden gem within popular sport’s bar Beer & Skittles! Delicious meaty burgers that expertly compliment the B&S craft beers! Watching sport whilst eating counts as burning calories right?

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 16.04.03Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 16.33.25                    Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 16.00.35