Edinburgh Celebrates Steak on Stones

Oh Meet Glorious Meat, what a great debut weekend Steak on Stones has enjoyed! Thank you to everyone that has come to visit and we are glad that you are leaving with meat filled tummies!

Steak on Stones offers a unique dining experience that allows you to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and discover your inner chef. From the reviews we have had so far, our guests have been relishing the chance to show off their culinary skills and have really embraced the concept. Whether you want your meat cooked right through or practically still mooing, the lava stone is in your hands (obviously not literally!) What is even more pleasing to us is that you love the food: Meat, sides, sauces, doughnut’s, the lot!

Sizzling Reviews:

Ingeniously fun dining experience and pretty close to steak perfection…There was no oil, no flavouring (apart from the salt) and no nasty smoke. Just perfectly flavoured meat.’  

Love From Scotland, see full review here

‘I really enjoyed my visit to Steak on Stones and will definitely be back.’      

Jennie Stamp, see full review here

‘I tried to find fault, and I’ve come up with nothing. The food, the atmosphere, the staff, the decor, everything was perfect!’

Emma Philbin, www.elikes.co.uk

Join the Sizzle:

Due to a successful first weekend and the team being in high spirits, we would like to offer all our customers 20% off food until the 5th April 2015.

All you need to do is give us a call on 0131 556 1289 to book your table and ensure you quote code ‘SOS20’ to receive the offer.

We look forward to seeing you in Steak on Stones soon!

Love #MeatTheSizzle

Scotland Rugby Team enjoy a feast at Steak Edinburgh

Yes, you read that right, the whole squad were in our restaurant during some rest time ahead of their final match on Saturday against the Irish.  What better way for our national team to spend their time than eating BIG steaks packed with protein!  After all, it’s protein they require to maintain a strong and athletic physique.

Continue reading “Scotland Rugby Team enjoy a feast at Steak Edinburgh”

Introducing Steak on Stones

Steak Edinburgh is a meat lover’s paradise. We are Edinburgh’s very own mecca for meat-lovers where we aim to serve you the best steak in town. This week we are delighted to introduce the new addition located within the existing Picardy Place venue. ‘Steak On Stones’ will open on Thursday 19th March 2015 and will offer customers a sizzling new dining experience. Continue reading “Introducing Steak on Stones”

Meet Glorious Meat: 5 Reasons Why Cooking on Stone is the new Sizzling Sensation

Introducing Edinburgh to a new way of dining – Steak on Stones.  The process begins when a Lava stone is heated to a sizzling 350 degrees and then delivered to your table along with thinly sliced pieces of meat. It’s then up to you, the customer, to cook your own steak. It’s a fun and social way to dine and it’s all about the experience – although the food tastes great too! Continue reading “Meet Glorious Meat: 5 Reasons Why Cooking on Stone is the new Sizzling Sensation”