Meat Roulette…Are you Brave Enough to Take on the House?

Are you brave enough to take on the house at Meat Roulette…And leave a winner!

Everyone knows the classic negativities of a casino…No windows to admire the clouds sailing by; no ticking clock, meaning time can simply fly, blank faced croupiers seeming anything but kind and the sudden realisation that it’s your turn to play the role of big blind! (Poetry at its finest, I think you’ll agree…)

Plus it’s the place where money is lost and the house always wins…it all sound a bit drear doesn’t.

Luckily, the dining experience we offer is nothing like that!

A bright and vibrant venue, with an extremely friendly and positive atmosphere that encourages fun and laughter…it’s exactly how interactive dining should be!

Yet, we’ve introduced a twist – it’s not compulsory to get involved with our little wager…are you brave enough?

One aspect of the casino that we like to incorporate into our dining experience is the element of risk. We’ve introduced a concept that serves up the possibility of you receiving a completely random and unknown meat at your table, for you to sizzle to your own, personal perfection. It all adds to the excitement!

Introducing Meat Roulette…


With our amazing range of exotic meats, we want to encourage you guys to take a leap into the meaty unknown and galvanise your taste buds with something a little different…

We’re talking:

  • Crocodile
  • Wild Bore
  • Ostrich
  • Kangaroo
  • Python
  • Bison
  • Water Buffalo
  • Zebra
  • Unicorn

We’ll be honest, the element of risk is in the meat that you receive…they all sizzle fantastic well and provide a wonderful exotic feature to your dining experience…

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