Meet Glorious Meat: 5 Reasons Why Cooking on Stone is the new Sizzling Sensation

Introducing Edinburgh to a new way of dining – Steak on Stones.  The process begins when a Lava stone is heated to a sizzling 350 degrees and then delivered to your table along with thinly sliced pieces of meat. It’s then up to you, the customer, to cook your own steak. It’s a fun and social way to dine and it’s all about the experience – although the food tastes great too!

Here are our top 5 reasons why cooking on stone is the new sizzling sensation:


Forget fats and oils – the meat is left to sear in its own natural juices and flavours so that you get a beautifully bespoke taste that’s not calorific.


The meat itself is extremely light and flavoursome! We also have an amazing array of sides, sauces and cocktails that all compliment the steak. If you’re a veggie, or just don’t fancy the sizzle, there are four other fabulous mains to choose from!


Not only does it taste great but you get to revel in the amazing smells and visuals of a kitchen in the comfort of a vibrant restaurant.


There is also the personal twist – YOU are the master of your own meat. Whether you like it well-done or so rare that a vet would fancy their chances on bringing it back to life, the power is in your hands. If you think of yourself as a bit of a chef, this is your time to sizzle.


Then again, perhaps cooking is something you don’t usually get involved with. Allow our staff to look after you and provide you with tips on how to cook your meat to mouth-watering perfection. You never know, you may find you’re a natural.

Sizzle your steak to your personal perfection…and do it with flair!