#SkippyOnStones Month

This month at Steak on Stones it’s all about trying new meats from our friends in the land of Aus. That’s right, you’ve guessed it, Kangaroo is on our sizzling menu!

For the whole of February, Steak on Stones is giving you the opportunity to try kangaroo and its on us! All you have to do is quote ‘Skippy on Stones’ when you book your meal and you will get to have a taste of the best bush tucker there is, and we can assure you this exotic meat cannot be missed!

Kangaroo is full of surprises. Low in saturated fats, full of iron, free range and organic. Kangaroo Steak is the champion of being lean, even when stacked up against lean beef, trim lamb and lean chicken, kangaroo comes up trumps. Perfect if you are still sticking to that New Years health kick.

And, not only is it super lean, it’s also a natural source of omega-3, meaning that it’s not just fish that can give you an important omega boost! Who knew? All these important oils Kangaroo is packed full of means that the Heart Foundations tick of approval has been given to Kangaroo products, including the one and only Kangaroo steak!

But, of course, the first question about eating Kangaroo that everyone asks is, “What does it taste like?” Our Head Chef Daniel says “It would be a cross between venison and buffalo meat. Not quite as dry as deer but still leaner than buffalo. Kangaroo has a wonderful gamey taste because Roos live in the wild and feed on grass and shrubs which adds a lot of flavour without being overpowering, so it had to be some of the most perfect protein!”

Kangaroo meat is growing in popularity and rightly so! It’s both sustainable and environmentally friendly whilst still managing to taste absolutely delicious. So make sure you don’t miss out on #SkippyOnStones, for one month only at Steak on Stones.

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