Steak Squad At the Royal Highland Show

The biggest and best celebration of farming, food and rural life, The Royal Highland Show, landed in Edinburgh last week. Ingliston was filled with people shopping, horses jumping, cows grazing, aromatic foods cooking and a Top Gear simulator – they probably just felt lucky to be there given the recent events.

Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend and we have compiled a list of our five favourite elements of the Highland Show 2015.

  1. Cows:

It was fantastic to see how many cows had RSPV’d and made the trip to Edinburgh for this fantastic event. Of course, as the Steak Squad, we had to force ourselves to admire them in a non-professional sense. By this we mean patting them without visualising them on a plate. Truly wonderful animals.

  1. Sheep shearing:

One of the world’s lesser-known but truly magnificent spectator sports. The shearers were the real deal: tackling some rather cheeky rams (the shearees) with ease and shearing their big woolly coats in one! At least they’re optimistic of us eventually getting a British summertime!

  1. Tractors:

Never mind an Audi or Ferrari, it’s all about boys and their tractors! Jump in one of these things and you automatically feel empowered and ready to farm! A real lady-killer.

  1. Show Jumping:

There was some amazing entertainment at the Highland Show (Top Gear simulator was great, if a little bit out of place) but the show jumping was brilliant! Each horse and rider, so in-tune with one another, which was great to see! No wonder everyone got so into it at London 2012!

  1. Meeting You Guys:

We had a fabulous time chatting with the crowds and it was great to see that so many of you were excited about our ‘No Misteak,’ offer! The Steak Squad will be out in force at upcoming Edinburgh events so keep an eye out!