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Steak & Shake, The Culinary Hybrid

I’ve always thought it an interesting concept, steak accompanied by a milkshake. It almost sounds like one of those contemporary ideas that have recently been fashioned to push the boundaries of food and drink and re-invent the proverbial culinary wheel. Yet, in actual fact, it’s an almost century old combination that resonates from a gas station in Illinois! (est. 1934 to be precise)

The notion was first brought to the fore by Gus Felt, through the invention of his business, Steak ‘n Shake. Their slogan, ‘In sight it must be right,’ emanated from Felt wishing the meat grinding process and the creation of the steak burgers, to be made visible to his customers. A tactic employed to silence sceptics about the freshness of his produce.

The Steak & Shake is now a world renowned combination and has been brought to Edinburgh through the innovation of Steak on Stones. They’ve stuck to Felt’s motto of ‘In sight it must be right,’ by serving their customers with raw and succulent meat that they can then sear and cook to their own personal perfection on a molten hot lava stone.

Steak n Shake

Can’t handle the heat? Better be inventive with your Milkshake!

To test our customer’s creativity, Steak on Stones challenge them to a weekly milkshake invention test on Twitter: The rules are simple…whoever submits the most inventive and ‘whacky’ milkshake wins a free meal for two at the restaurant. Trust me when I say, there are some Michelangel-esque innovators out there who suggest mental (for lack of a better word) recipes…and we love it!

Tweet us your Milkshake Ideas @steakonstone!

Anyway, apologies; I’ve banged on about my place of work for 2 weeks running so next time I promise to enlighten you about other areas that push the creative boundaries of Scotland’s capital.


Edinburgh’s Creative Scene Uncovered

In my personal opinion, I don’t know if enough is made of Edinburgh’s innovative and creative scene.

Everything seems to be focused on looking backwards to the city’s decorated past and iconic heritage. Of course, we should not ignore the fantastic history – far from it – it should be endorsed and celebrated.

Yet, I feel the modern innovators and creators within the city are stifled by traditionalism, and the ever-present concept of Edinburgh possessing an extremely archaic nucleus, membrane and outer-wall.

I want to break down these walls and open your eyes to Edinburgh’s more off the wall projects, whilst acting as your informant on Edinburgh’s secret contemporary identity. There’s more to this wonderful city than meets the eye and so I’ve taken it upon myself to broaden your horizons as best I can.

Edinburgh Colour
I want to help you discover, or rediscover, Edinburgh’s colourful and innovative side!

You may ask where this has all this come from?

Well, I’ve recently started working at a restaurant where food boundaries are pushed, culinary rules are somewhat bent and the whole experience is refreshingly modern.

Question: Have you ever been to a restaurant that puts your culinary skills to the test? Where you’re invited to don the proverbial Chef’s hat and become the master of your own meat? Well if not listen up. And if you have you may as well listen too!

Cooking thinly sliced and succulent Steak on a hot lava stone doesn’t really shout traditional dining but this restaurant’s rustic edge fits the Edinburgh night scene rather well.

SoS Generic FB Banner

What’s more, restaurants often um and ah about how to create that perfect ambiance: is it by playing atmospheric music, or by choosing a room with the perfect acoustics..?

No such problems present themselves for Steak on Stones. It’s an interactive environment that encourages engagement, and its ‘sharing is caring’ vibe is the source of an organic, conversation filled ambiance.

I can imagine this sort of restaurant thriving in Brooklyn, New York, where trends are constantly being set, rules purposely broken and innovation trumping inertia. It’s a city whose inhabitants and ideas never sleep!

I want to be the one to show you that Edinburgh, although pragmatic in its progression, does contain contemporary aspects and an edge to its very rounded status quo.

My new place of work represents this cultural revolution – all the perks of fine dining, such as trendy cocktails, beautiful wines and food to die for – yet it throws a cat amongst the pigeons in the way it allows you to sizzle your meat to your own personal perfection.

I suggest you visit Steak on Stones…

Keep an eye out for more posts aimed to uncover Edinburgh’s concealed cultural scene.

Seb Stone